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Houseplant Care Made Easy!

Ready for a watering can that also has the abilities of a spray bottle built in? Then you're ready for our 2-In-1  Watering Can With Sprayer , and we guarantee you've never seen anything quite like it.  

It's also convenient, fun, and easy-to-use, as you can fill the tool with water without needing to unscrew the top.  And did we mention it looks good enough to double as an art piece in your home? The stylish and modern design could easily be mistaken for a chic sculpture if it weren't for its useful watering abilities and 1.3L water capacity.


  • One tool for two jobs - watering and spraying.
  • Multifunction Nozzle: The nozzle head can be easily adjusted from fine mist to water column.
  • Long spout makes it easy to water hard-to-reach house plants, and spray nozzle is great for spritzing. 
  • Constructed of superior quality, transparent plastic in green color and stylish modern design. The water level can be seen from outside the bottle.
So start efficiently nursing your plants with precise water pouring, perfectly gentle mists, and refills without ever opening a thing. Start having fun caring for your plants and flowers again with our 2-In-1 Watering Can with Sprayer.



Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Wilkson Thomas

I liked the concept and really like the actual product. The color is perky, design attractive and it's very useful too. What more can you want?

Nicole Hansen

A beautiful, well made indoor watering can/ mister
Both looks good and works well for intended purpose.
Very useful refill hole at top of handle - so do not need to unscrew top of can to fill like other cans I have previously used.
Perfect size to be useful if you have more than one or two plants to water at a time

Kellin McDermott

I love this watering can for several reasons. First, you don't have to take any top off to fill it with water. There's a hole that's consistently open for this purpose. Second, the spray nozzle is invaluable. So many times I don't need to water my plants, but they do need a spritz. My plants are much happier!

Michael Garrison

Looks very stylish and deserves to be on show and not hidden away. Dual purpose - can and spray. Love it as I can do 2 jobs in one. Well packed and arrived on time.


I am very happy with this water can. I could see the flow of the water out of the spout when I water the plants way above and can't see inside the pot - very useful to me. I appreciate the spray feature right there on the can. It's great to do both with this can, watering and moisturizing.

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