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The smart laser toy will keep your cat stimulated and joyful, feeling as if he/she are catching butterflies outside. The perfect solution to busy cat owners!



✔ Perfect For Cats: Cats love the laser toy, it makes them feel like they are playing in the wild and it can entertain them for hours.

✔ Fully Automatic & Quiet: The laser toy work automatically so while you are busy your cat is stimulating his brain and having fun, and it has a manual mode so you can have fun and play with your cat as well.It makes no noise, is extremely quiet, unlike other cheap products.

✔ High Quality & Compact: The auto stimulation toy is made from high quality materials and has an advanced industrial grade laser light that will stay bright for a long time.

✔ Smart System: The stimulation toy's system creates patterns with the laser, designed according to your cats behavior size and movements so it will be as fun, stimulating and entertaining as possible.

✔ Health Benefits: The laser toy is great exercise for your cat so he will stay active and won't become lazy and overweight, In addition to the mental stimulation that it provides so your cat won't get bored and depressed.



  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Product weight: 150g

Package Includes:

  • 1x Laser cat device,
  • 1x USB Cable,
  • 1x English User Guide

Question & Answer:

Que: How to use?

Ans: 1. Power by 4 AA batteries(Not included) - Get funny time with pets in the outdoor.

2. USB charging(Cable come with boxes) - Connecting the toy to adapter via USB cable, needn't worried about less battery when you are out.

Que: Does the laser will hurt cat's eyes?

Ans: No, it doesn't. The laser light belongs to Class 2, which is harmless for pet and human.

Que: How to change the speed & range of motion?

Ans: 1. There is a button at the backside of the toy, you can change the speed to Fast, Slow, Handheld Mode by press the button.

Press first, turn on and runs in slow. Press second time, runs in fast mode. Press third time, shut the toy off by manuel, it won't auto on again.


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Debra Jones

My cats love this product. You can adjust the speed of the Lazer and the angle of Lazer. It goes on every hour for fifteen minutes. As soon as my cats hear the laser turn on they come running. The USB port option is nice as well.

Bessie Lim

Three cat thumbs up on this toy, although two of them love it more than the other cat. They all will chase it and even just enjoy watching it. They snap at it and jump. The grand kids love changing the settings to see how the cats respond. Of course, the darker it is, the better they can see the laser, but it works in the daytime as well. It is stable and seems to be built well for strength and durability. Best of all, lots of fun AND exercise for the kitties!

Shawn Yoong

Most cat toys are gaudy and not something you want out and about when you have company over. This is such a sleek and cute little design that it looks right at place on a bookshelf.

The single button user interface couldn't get much easier and the ability to adjust the angle helps for making it a pretty universal fit for most locations in the home.

Out cats love chasing it around and it's mix of patterns keep them engaged for longer than I was expecting.

Tania Jansz

I love this product . My son bought it for his 3yr old cats and he said I should try it . Well I did and this product is great . I now don’t need to sit and shine the laser light to play with the kittens . They are 7 months old ( 3 of them ) and I love it turns it’s self on about every 3 hrs . Now they can play without me being home . This keeps them active while I am not at home . I definitely recommend this product !

Natalie Larkin

My cat enjoys the laser, not a fan of the auto turn on. However, she can spend hours playing with it, and will wait for it to come back on. Do like it's portable, you can use batteries or plug it in. Would recommend overall.

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