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Smartphones have become popular, and the use of virus software to steal information is very serious, making people unpredictable. K18 solves the problem that the previous detectors cannot detect the frequency of signals such as CDMA and 4G. , can accurately find out: monitors, tracers, car trackers, line cameras, cable cameras, electrical radiation sources. . . . . . It can effectively prevent infringement, fraud, and protect personal privacy information and information confidentiality.

The function is as follows:
1), with automatic detection function, the host carries it, there is a eavesdropper in the environment, a pinhole camera,

Casino gambling, etc... The host will automatically vibrate on your body to indicate danger.

2), with the signal strength indicator light, can quickly find the source of the signal.
3) Adjust the potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity. (Improve the sensitivity to widen the detection range or reduce the sensitivity

For people:

1, often use the bank
4. People who often go to public entertainment places to spend;
5. People who often go to various shopping malls to try on;
6. Respect those who are personally stable and private.
7. Persons who contact and keep commercial secrets;
8. Security personnel in trade secrets and technically secret places;
9. Anti-sneak shots and anti-spyware professionals;

Scope of application:

probe Detect if your car or office is equipped with a wireless eavesdropper or wireless bug.

 probe Detect whether the phone has been eavesdropped or abnormal (the signal is sent out for no reason during standby).

 probe Detect if your car is equipped with GPS tracking, GPS location tracker.

 probe Detect your working environment and whether the building has radiation from the rooftop base station.

probe Detect mobile phone text messaging, mobile Internet access, mobile phone switches and call signals.
 probe Detect the field strength of wireless network signals, mobile phone base station signals, and wireless monitoring systems.

 probe Detect whether household appliances such as microwave ovens leak electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to the human body.

 probe Detect whether there is strong radiation in the environment called “mobile killer”.

 probe Detect if there is a suspicious radio signal in the environment.


 probe Detect even more subtle 5.8GHz wireless camera and wireless monitor signals.

 ◇ Check for wireless cameras in hotels, washrooms, hotels, entertainment venues, locker rooms.
 ◇ Business negotiations, school invigilators, factories, military installations, or government agencies.
  Anti-shooting at ATMs, cinemas, concerts, art galleries or museums.
 ◇ When buying a building, first detect whether there is electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to human health.









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