#1 Beekeeping Suit  

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  • Easy zip on to wear and remove, Veil screen protects beekeeper's face and allows great visibility in front and to the sides 

  • An elastic waist, elastic wrists, and elastic ankles, plus thumb and foot holds to keep everything comfortably in place

  • Detachable folding hood that can be removed or simply flipped back, there is a velcro patch placed around the heavy duty zipper of the hat and jacket 

  • Compact, lightweight & ergonomic unisex design, 3 Perfect placed pockets (Front 2 Back 1), to carry required tools

  • Made with premium quality cotton, polyester which will keep you cool in hot weather

"Feel Safe Attending Your Bees & Never Be Stung Again!"

Imagine what it would like to visit your hives knowing that you would never be stung again🐝

Looking after multiple hives can be a physically demanding job, with a lot of lifting heavy hive boxes, sometimes full of honey and bees. That's why we only use the best fabrics, reliable zips, and tough stitching for protection when you need it most. 

Our Beekeeping suits are best known for their long lasting durability and maximum comfort!  Tested by professionals with very angry bees, wasps, Asian and European hornets!

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Jimmy Andrew
Didn’t get stung

OK, first time trying it yesterday so I waited to review until I actually tried the suit. Nice and comfy, Ampler shoulder room, ample squatting room, nice and light. Good vision all around. The best part is I didn't get stung, so I'm happy :)

Norman Holmes
Comfortable, good quality, well made.

Ideal first bee keepers suit.

This was a Christmas gift for my wife who has been expressing that she is interested in keeping bees. The delight she had upon opening it was evident and wore it all morning around the house....

She found it to be comfortable, well made and of good quality.

In order to ensure that it could be worn comfortably over normal clothes I ordered 2 sizes larger than her own size, which worked well.

Saige West

Used 3 times so far for wasps brilliant no stings 🤞Great bit of kit worked a treat didn’t get stung, quality material for the money

Philips Karen
It works perfect, quality is really great.

I bought this suit to help a local bee keeper remove honey bee hives from the roof of our house. So far we have discovered 5 hives. The suit works very well. I was standing right beside one of the hives while the beekeeper was trying to capture the queen. I was covered from head to toe with angry bees and was not stung once. It was a little disconcerting have them buzzing angrily near my head. I bought the XXL size as I thought it was best to have the suit baggy. The beekeeper was very impressed with the quality of the suit I bought (he helped me seal it up). I would certainly recommend this suit and would not hesitate to buy items from this company again.

Isabelle R.

I bought this as a gift for a wannabe beekeeper. It seems like a quality product for both entry level and advanced keepers.

They were happy with the material and you can tell it’s decent from the weight of the product.



  • Material: Cotton, Polyester

  • Weight:  
    L : 440 gm

    XL: 470 gm

    XXL: 500 gm

  • Suitable Height: :  

    L: 165-175 cm

    XL: 175-185 cm

    XXL: 185-195 cm


  • 1x BeeKeeping Suit

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


What is chest size, waist size, shoulder size for L ,XL,XXL?

Is this a full bee suit or just the top half jacket?

It is a full body bee suit, with detachable hat.

Is the hood and mask part attached to the body of the suit?

It is attached by a zip so you can take it off if you want,

is this washable in a washing machine?

It is attached by a zip so you can take it off if you want,

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee